Manure Management

Most people think of manure as a mess. But then again, most people aren’t farmers. Today, agriculture relies on integrated systems that efficiently combine livestock and crop production. Farmers know that manure is one of the most economical and easy-to-access fertilizers that contain high amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus. Implementing a manure management plan reduces the need and cost of commercial fertilizers and helps improve farm productivity. The application of manure to cropland or pasture provides nutrients, improves soil tilth, plant growth, and can also increase soils’ water holding capacity.


Different methods of manure application exist depending on what the manure characteristics are. There are two main characteristics of liquid manure:

  • Liquid: manure with up to 4% solids content.
  • Slurry: manure with 4 – 10% solids content.


For each manure characteristic, there are varying types of equipment specially designed for field application. For liquid manure, the use of a boom tank and injectors may be the method of choice for field application.

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