Balzer 4200 Vacuum Tank


TYPE OF UNIT: Vacuum Tank

MAKE: Balzer

MODEL: 4200



  • MEC6500 1000 1 3/8″ PTO
  • Tank replaced in 2015
  • 23.1 x 26 Tires
  • 6″ Left Front Load Port with Better Connector
  • 6″ Hydraulic Rear Vave
  • 20″ Hydraulic Top Hatch
  • Ring Baffles
  • 4 Shank Chisel Sweep Injector

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Trash Trap

Basic Premise:
Provides filtration for effluent movement.


  • Comes standard with 6″ male and female hose ends
  • Capacity of 4,000 gallons per minute
  • Has a 10″ opening to clean out trash, quickly accessible via a 10″ band clamp.
  • Filtering screen will catch debris as small as 1 3/4″ diameter, thus catching almost all trash passing through. (ex. Pop cans, latex gloves, semen tubes, chunks of wood, rocks, bones, carcass, tin, etc)
  • Optional 2″ poly 1/4 turn ball valve with poly male and female cam lock fittings allow for a drain hose that will drain the trash trap of all liquid so that you can then easily clean out the trash trap or replace the filter
  • Optional 6″ 90 degree elbow with male and female ball fittings
  • Optional second screen so screens can be interchanged in a matter of minutes for continuous pumping
  • Or, the units can be combined to allow cleaning of one filter while pumping through the other.